Inauguration and Oath Taking Ceremony

InaugurationTo my predecessor, former Governor and Mayor Toto Vic Bermejo, and his wife Mariter, Outgoing Mayor Dante Bermejo and his wife Baby, our Congressman in the First District the Honorable Emmanuel Tawi Billones Sr., our Governor the Honorable Antonio Del Rosario, outgoing Vice Mayor Dr. Gualberto Bernas III, Incoming Vice Mayor Amy Bermejo, outgoing and incoming members of Sangguniang Bayan, Punong Barangays, other barangay officials, my wife Jecel and other relatives, our Administering Officer Honorable Judge Esperanza Isabel Poco-Deslate, my beloved Pan-ayanons, ladies and gentlemen, good day!

At the outset, I wish to thank you all for coming and I wish also to thank you all for the overwhelming support that you gave us last election. This is a rare opportunity for me to serve once again as the mayor of Panay. I left government service six years ago but the burning passion to be of service to the people remained in me. This is the reason why, even as a private citizen, I remained in touched with our leaders and with the Pan-ayanons.

You all know that even before the campaign, I went around with the team to consult the people. Trust that the program that we will implement under the ABANTE PANAY FRAMEWORK is consistent with the concerns of the people raised during the consultation.

Together, my administration will endeavour to accomplish the following:

  • A more vigorous effort to manage, improve and develop our costal resources to make life better for our fisherfolks and to produce marketable surplus of our marine and freshwater resources.
  • Expect bigger investment in the agriculture sector to increase production of rice and other crops to alleviate the lives of our farmers and ensure food security.
  • We will also focus our attention to our children to ensure their protection, and well-being. We will open opportunities for them to enhance their capabilities and over-all development. Similarly, the health and social services program will be enhanced to improve services to our clientele especially the senior citizens and those who are in need.
  • We will partner with our barangays, our communities, housing settlements and implement comprehensive programs to improve their physical, social and economic conditions.
  • Finally, expect a more responsible and effective municipal government that will ensure that the needs of the Pan-ayanons are properly addressed.

InaugurationThese programs will never be realized without the support of our Sangguniang Bayan and without the support of our barangays and the private sector. Today, let me extend my hands of partnership to all of you as we all endeavour to work together to make Panay a better place to live.

The task ahead is not easy. We are at a juncture of a major political transition and given the current landscape, we are uncertain about the possibilities.

Nonetheless, history have proven that the Pan-ayanons survived with flying colors because we stood together as one Panay. This is the same unity I ask of you/ as we move on ahead. If we are all united, we are all assured that the future will be better for us.

On a more personal note, may I express my personal gratitude to the following:

  • To our leader Mar Roxas, Mrs. Judy Araneta Roxas who not only gave me the opportunity to serve once again but for firming up and restoring the unity of Panay once again.
  • To the pioneering efforts of Toto Vic Bermejo who laid the foundation of governance of this municipality and to the diligence of Mayor Dante Bermejo who sustained preserved and improved all of it.
  • To the support of Congressman Tawi Billones and Governor/ Tony Del Rosario and to which we would look up for the same support in the coming days.
  • To the different barangays who have been very supportive to me and to my every endeavour.
  • To Vice Mayor Amy Bermejo and the Asis family for accepting the challenge of uniting with us in the name of the greater interest of the Pan-ayanons.
  • To the members of the Sangguniang Bayan whom I always look forward to work with.
  • To my family – Jecel and the children, cousins and other relatives for the various support and understanding.
  • To the Pan-ayanons whom I owe so much being the reason for the mandate that I have now.
  • To God, for giving me the strength and inspiration to be better, more responsive servant of the people.

Rest assured that all the programs of my predecessors will continue but your humble mayor will try his best to make it better and much improved for the greater benefits of the Pan-ayanons.